Monday, August 27, 2012

Common Core/ Daily 5 Resources + Giveaway Appreciation

   If you couldn't tell by my mysterious absence from the blogging world these first few weeks of school have been beyond intense and exhausting. Anyone else falling asleep before the sun sets?? Well, the biggest changes around my district are Common Core and our new grading system Pinnacle. After much discussion and hunting my team has found a few great resources and I thought I should share! We all know teaching includes begging, borrowing, and "stealing" ideas and resources! I promise we really don't steal anything. We are teachers after all. :)

Resource #1
Daily 5 Share and Swap

   Over at TeachEm2Think, the school district of San Juan has put together a never ending list of links, posters, literacy resources, and more for those Daily 5/CAFE teachers to browse! They pretty much covered it all. You want some chimes for grabbing the kiddos attention? They have a link. You short on recommended readings to deepen your knowledge of Daily 5? They have that too! How about some "brain breaks" to shake out those wiggles? Yup, they have that!

Resource #2

This is the go-to website for literacy lessons directly linked to the Common Core! The webpage is easy to navigate and user friendly. There are multiple ways to search for the perfect book for you lessons. I like to select the topic or standard first. Then I look through the selection of suggested lessons and books. Can we say, "Hallelujah!"

Resource #3
Settle On In

If your district uses the McMillian Treasures series, you are in luck! This blog-like website follows the reading series through each weekly story. The best part is that there are links to games, videos, and the online features of the series just waiting at your finger tips. I use this every day with our district's Active Inspire flip charts. Mrs. Settle deserves a standing ovation for finding and organizing the myriad amount of resources! Bravo to you, Mrs. Settle!!

And I want to say a huge thanks to Lacie at Polka Dots & Pencils! Little did I know I had won a huge, and I mean HUGE, giveaway that was hosted over at her lovely blog! These past few weeks have been crazy busy and I didn't realize I won the giveaway until tonight ( the giveaway took place almost a whole month ago)! My next blog post will spotlight some of the awesome treasures I received in the giveaway.
Polka Dots and Pencils

Can I be honest, I was so excited when I found out won I called my bestie teacher friends immediately. There were over 7,000 entries and little ol' me won. This is the closest I will come to winning the lottery. :) Okay, I must go to bed now and get ready for another fast paced, fun filled day!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

T'was the Night Before School and All Through the Teacher's House...

...Ms. Roseboom was creating, organizing, and labeling with delight!! Here is a small list of some of the to do's from today:
           * laminating and writing out name tags/ desk tags
           * printing, laminating, and labeling go home tags
           * printing out a million learning centers and (you guessed it) laminating them
           * writing out lesson plans
           * organizing more supplies and goodies I picked up from Target
           *  laying out my clothes for tomorrow :)
           * ironing said clothes and the fiancé's too (He starts nursing school tomorrow!)
           * remembering to bring the camera, jitter juicefuls, jitter juice, my lunch
           * writing in important school dates/functions to my new May Book calendar
           * trying to get a good night sleep but I am way too excited

   This past week has been a whirlwind and I get the feeling the next week might be too! Between preplanning, meetings for the county and school, and Meet the Teacher I have not sat down. But I have to be honest, it is one of my favorite times of the school year. The anticipation has been building up to the first day of school and it is this close (holding two fingers a smidge apart). Just like Meet the Teacher I know I will not be able to sleep because I am so, so, SO very excited for my firsties first day of first grade.

  To all the teachers who go back tomorrow I hope you have the best first day ever and enjoy each moment. This year will be amazing! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet the Teacher :)

  Tomorrow morning I will be welcoming in my students and their families for Meet the Teacher. It is almost like Christmas Eve because there is an excitement or buzz in the air! I am so elated to see their faces and meet them for the very first time I just might not be able to sleep. Nights like tonight remind me of the joy I feel for being able to teach. It is my passion. I feel blessed. I know I am so very lucky to have a career in which I am able to do what I love for a living.

I thought about how everyone experiences the butterflies in their stomach when they meet for the very first time. So I want to share a bit about me on here. You see, I created this blog to have multiple purposes. One, get connected to other amazing teachers and sneak a peek at their creative ideas. Two, be able to put out my own "freebies" and ideas for others to use. Three, and most importantly, show my student's parents and families what happening in our room. I will be adding updates on school events, highlighting amazing work, and communicating important information.

                                   Meet the Teacher- Blog Edition- Miss Lindsey Roseboom

This is my second year in first grade and at my school! I previously taught 2nd grade at a school in Daytona Beach.  I love teaching first grade because the students grow so much during this year. Being a part of such a momentous year is a heartfelt experience. I couldn't imagine it being any other way.

 I believe learning should be full of movement, talking and communicating, and hands-on experiences. Because of these beliefs I will be using Whole Brain Teaching, Kagan's "Think, Pair, Share", and Daily 5 to teach the Common Core. I enjoy doing professional development to further my knowledge on student learning and achievement. In the near future, I will be going back to school for my Master's in Applied Learning and Instruction. Don't worry, I will not be leaving the classroom! I can't imagine not being a teacher and look forward to many, many years of teaching.

I live in Daytona Beach and spend most of my free time going to the beach, surfing, and being outdoors. I am engaged to my fiancé Ben, who is currently studying to be a nurse. We have two cats, Ralph and Meme. My favorite colors are aquamarine and gray. I am learning how to sew and create my own educational games and such on Microsoft Publisher.

Ben and I!
I look forward to sharing an amazing year with my students and their families. First grade is a fantastic place to be!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Made It Monday- The Early Bird Version

 I love being an early bird so it shouldn't be a surprise I am a doing "Made It Monday" post on Sunday. You might recognize my little project if you have been browsing through the education section on Pinterest or even on other teacher's blogs. I am teeming with excitement to share with you my version of the "My first day of __ grade" picture frame to use on the, you guessed it, first day of school!

  I found a great deal on the unfinished frame at Hobby Lobby for 40% off. The blue paint and shiny silver letters also came from Hobby Lobby. It only took a few coats to give it a nice hue. Figuring out how to get all of the letters to fit on there was a bit more challenging. I originally wanted to put, " My First Day in 1st Grade", but there was no room from "My". So the poor "My" will have to find some other bulletin board or project to call home. After placing and adjusting the words I could fit on there I hot glued it. Wha-laaa!

I am excited for first grade!

My fiancé is very kind and patient to model my "Made It Moday" project. But it is all worth it because I can't wait to see the kiddo's faces peering out and gleaming with excitement from their first day. The pictures will be a nice memento to remember our year together. I know it will happen so quickly!

Why don't you link up with 4th Grade Frolics and share your newest creation?!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Team Teachers' Gifts + Small Group Management + More

   All teachers in my district report back this upcoming Monday. And I am pumped! I believe I have 19 students though the list might change since more kiddos could register. Part of me really, really, REALLY wants to make the name tags and label student books. The other part wants to wait. My Sharpie is waiting patiently, I am not.

 I am excited about the mini gift baskets I put together for my teammates. It was so much fun finding useful and fun "teacherish" items to give. Here they are!

   The low down on the mini baskets: Cute beverage cups are from HomeGoods and are eco-friendly. I put some sweet treats inside the cups, too. Look closely to see the adorable ham and cheese sandwich notepads from Staples. There are layers of sticky notes made to look like a sandwich, so funny! Next are the weekly to-do lists that are magnetic and are the perfect size to stick up on the whiteboards. Hidden in the back are some fun alphabet stickers. 

   Switching gears, I want to share some creative ideas on small group management and celebrating student success.  Last year I wore a huge, fuzzy viking hat to signify that I was working with my guided reading group. Unless it was an emergency the students not with my group needed to work at their centers. Well, the hat was pretty cool but did a number on my hair every day and sometimes I forgot to take it off and would talk to the class or other center groups with it on. That really defeated the purpose of the hat. :/

    So this year I am using a camping lantern. The premise is simple, if the light is on I am working with my group and unless it is an emergency students should again monitor their own needs at their center. If the lantern is off they are free to come get assistance or talk with me. And the best part, I don't have to wear it on my head! Or do I?? Just kidding! 

  The disco light will be used when our class celebrates an individual's or class success. I will hit the lights off, turn some kid-friendly music, and set the disco light spinning! Last year I learned that my kiddos loved to dance. It was adorable. They got into it and had the best moves. Plus there are two big benefits. They are shaking out the wiggles and the reward of dancing is free. No treasure box or sugared candies. 

The last thing I wanted to share is my teacher bag! She is a beauty! The pink is so fun and cheery. The inside is large enough to a few binders, lots of student work, and my school laptop if need be. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teacher Fashion Link Up

I was browsing through the teacher blogs today and stumbled upon this linky. I figured, "Why not?" I have been having a blast adding fun pieces to my wardrobe to prepare for this upcoming school year. I aim for comfortable, upbeat, and simple.


1. Stores for "teacher fashion"- My favorite stores for "teacher wear" are Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, and Ann Taylor Loft. Each company has great selection for petites and amazing jaw dropping sales. I love classic pieces like a crisp fitted button down or a great fitting pair of capris. I also love all things that have stripes or a nautical flair to it. I blame living on the coast for that!

Pink gingham button up- Ralph Lauren
Blue scoop neck- Banana Republic

2. Favorite Accessories- I don't wear too many accessories. I like to keep things simple and clean lined. I always wear my gorgeous engagement ring, I admire it everyday, and a Michael Kors watch. My dear fiancé usually treats me to one as a birthday gift or Christmas present. This purse was my gift to myself for getting a job right out of college. Believe it or not, I found the same purse in a grey leather with gator embossing at Marshall's for less than 50% of the retail price. I nearly sprinted to the counter to make that purchase!

3. Teaching shoes- I mostly teach in  ballet flats, driving loafers, or sandals. Antonio Milani makes the most comfortable but fashionable sandals. I buy each color of them every season. Dillards even has great sales on them. I guess having the smallest size foot doesn't hurt either because very rarely to other people buy them! PS- These Cole Haan shoes are like heaven for your feet. A bit pricey but so well worth it!

    Elephant sandals- Antonio Milani
    Driving Shoes- Cole Haan

4. "Go-to" Items- My "go-to" items would be one of my Banana Republic cardigans (they are ridiculously comfortable and well made), one of my watches (I have to be early everywhere I go), and a pair of Antonio Milani sandals. I have noticed that a lot of teachers tend to love cardigans because they are so comfy, perfect to throw on if your classroom gets too chilly, and looks professional.

Banana Republic cardigan

5.  Fashion "Uh-oh" Moment- I am petite so all of my pants are usually fitted and hemmed to my height. One day last year, my pants got snagged on something and the bottom hem started to come undone. Before you know it I had almost two extra inches of fabric down there! So I stapled the hem back in and kept on teaching. The students thought it was funny and it was a great teachable moment to show them that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff, we should try to fix it and move on.

If you too want to join in this fashionable link up to Jessica's blog, From Blood to Books! She has an interesting occupational background about wanting to go into education after studying to be a nurse, hence the title of her blog. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classroom Tour

   The big reveal! Dun, dun, dunnnnnn!!!! I was very fortunate to get into my room earlier than expected. The total time it took to get the classroom were it is now was one and a half days. Not bad, if I say so myself. I want to thank the amazing custodial staff for helping move the big pieces and my fiancé for coming in one afternoon to help with the decorations and such. :)

I would love to hear any suggestions or answer any questions if I don't explain everything. So please feel free to comment, I love hearing about different ways to do things!

Here is the bulletin board and door to my classroom. I have not finished my other bulletin board but when I do I will post pictures.

         The "Welcome" bulletin was purchased at Lakeshore.

The door is covered in positive phrases of what the students are when they enter into our classroom. They say things like, " You are scientists, you are respected, you are explorers, you are special, etc. I found them as a freebie on A Teacher's Treasure blog.

Now, here is the view inside my glorious room! Not sure why I can't get the pictures to sit next to each other. Hopefully, you get the idea.

     Right when the students walk in they will read a daily welcome message or quote on the blue picture frame and they can turn in their take-home folders into the black folder basket ( I am in the process of making a cute label for the basket). I love having a table right here so I can put any important forms/papers that need to go to the office near the door. I also have helpful signs I use in the classroom or during transitions. Some examples, are "Eyes on Me", a stop sign, or "Raise your hand". My students love holding them in line, too! To the right of the door is our daily schedule. I will post a link to that freebie when I find it. If you look closely the blue basket hold our recess toys like chalk and a kick ball. Excuse the mini mess to the left of the cabinet. I have not set up my laptops and Waterford computers.

   Next, here is the area where the students hook their backpacks.  You might notice those cute green and blue baskets. They will be my student's Daily 5 book baskets. They each have the student's number, according to alphabetical order and other tools to help them during Daily 5. I wish they would all fit on the bottom but that's not a huge deal. :) Anyone spy my Tattle Turtle??

Here is the view from my guided reading table which is just to the right of the backpack area.
My kiddos love referencing these animal posters. Each animal reminds them to do a certain skill or task relating to reading. Switching vowel sounds and skipping the word are just to name a few.

Here is another picture of my guided reading table.  I keep the all kinds of manipulatives in the storage cart with multicolored bins. Check out those awesome ottomans! 

Here is my desk area! The green and blue frames will be where the standards will be written for the students to see. Turn 180 degrees to see the next area. The sink and another big table to use for centers and such. That area leads right into our library.
 This area has to be one of my favorite places in the room. As you can see, I have tons of books. I can't resist a Scholastic Warehouse sale or even Goodwill ( I find tons of Scholastic titles there). I want my students to LOVE reading. I know sometimes reading can be hard and discouraging.But I find that if I can interest a student by subject matter they are more motivated to become better reader. The library is categorized by labels from Lakeshore Learning. I don't want to level the library because the student need to find books that interest and challenge them. 
 In our library we have "banana phones" for the students to read quietly to themselves. The Common Core posters on the wall tell what the students should be able to do relating to reading and comprehension. I purchased them from Primary Punch on TPT! They are highly recommended.
 Another view of the library, see the cute lanterns? Love them! Also, I found the student's chairs for $5 a piece at Walmart last summer. Most of the classroom learning games, flashcards, and puzzles are organized on the right side.

I use this beehive chart for a whole class positive incentive. Every time our class earns a compliment they earn a bee. When we reach our goal, which changes throughout the year, we vote on what kind of reward we would like to have. Some past parties included popsicles, ice cream, and popcorn!

The last area of my room is our writing station. There are more Common Core posters relating to writing and communications to the left of the bulletin. The students have folders in the pink basket were they can keep their finished/unfinished work. I also keep a little storage box where they can pull out writing prompts from the first drawer, supplies from the second, and paper from the third. On the green bulletin board are the five steps of writing. Each student has a stick they place in the corresponding step they are at in their writing. During the year we had more posters that relate to writing. Right now there is one poster that asked the students to make sure their name is on their paper, did they use correct spelling, etc.

I use the two white storage units on the bottom to hold prize items, classroom decorations, extra learning games, and more. I hot glued cute scrapbook paper to the inside of each drawer to hide the contents.
 Lastly, here are some pictures of the front of the room. The FACE board correlates to the Daily 5 and my wonderful teammate made the headers and "I can..." statements. I put all of them up for Meet the Teacher but during the year we will add each statement as we go.
 At the front of my room is a special chair that serves many purposes. Sometimes I use it to reward a student who is doing the right thing and can sit in it during floor time ( I move it to face whichever direction we all face). Or when students "publish", read aloud, their stories they get to present it in this chair!

Thanks for checking out my room. I want my students to feel welcomed, excited, and supported when they come in! Let me know you think!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Giveaway Round Up! + An Amazing Target Find

I have been blog hopping and have found quiet a few great giveaways. Here is a quick look at two of them!

Primary Pizzazz is offering you a chance to win either a $25 gift certificate to Amazon or $25 to TeachersPayTeacher because they have reached 100 followers. Oh the books I would buy with the Amazon gift certificate!

Apples for the Teacher has a giveaway to celebrate their 100th follower too! There are an assortment of gifts to win. From a Target gift card to your choice of item from three TPT's stores.

Good luck to all those that enter! To those who went back to school today, I hope you had a wonderful day and a productive week. :)

PS- I was in Target tonight looking for a few last minute touches to my aquatic themed guest bedroom. And after browsing through the dollar section I ventured through the dorm section when I found the cutest ottomans.

Photo Credit: Real Simple, 13 Dorm Decor Essentials

For only $15.00!!!!! I repeat fifteen dollars! I had to grab two teal ones and two mango-colored ones. It is fate. They are perfect for student seating at my kidney table. Plus, look at that storage! I'm not sure what will even go in there but I am sure I will find something! Cute and functional makes me do a happy dance. Which is exactly what I did while my fiancé stacked four of these bad boys into our already overloaded cart. Then we promptly left target before I could continue any more purchases. I did sneak in a matching teal lamp for my teacher desk. ;) 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My First Freebie: Bump It!

Here is my first freebie! I am feeling slightly nervous because it my first product ever and it took me a while. Again, this blog is a learning curve with Word Publisher, finding clipart, and spending time patiently creating my ideas. My hope is that other teachers can use it to engage their student in successful learning.

                    Bump It! A Math Game Using Addiction Fact to 12 

Ahem, as you can tell I am a wee bit excited. Directions are on the second page but scroll down to find more detailed instructions.

***  If you do pick up "Bump It!" I would love it if you left me a comment on what kinds of games or products you would like to find more of! Pretty please? :)  ***

Directions: The directions are kind of long so here goes nothing. I suggest two to four students play per board. Every student has two die or one dice in dice and their own color of snap cubes. (That is a mouth full!) They take turns rolling their die or dice and add the two numbers to find a total. Students will place one cube or place holder on the number it totals, such as 5 or 10. The next student takes their turn. If their total is the same as a space that already has one place holder on it, they get to bump it off! BUT, if a student gets the same total without anyone bumping off their first place holder they now have two cubes on one number, meaning they own it and no one can bump them off of it. Okay, let that sink in for a minute. :/


Student 1: Rolls 4+5=9, places a cube on the 9 space
Student 2: Rolls 3+3=6, places a cube on the 6 space
Student 3: Rolls 3+6= 9, they get to bump off Student 1's cube

Later in the game: Student 3 rolls a 9 again and no one else has bumped them off, so they now have two cubes on the 9 space. Student 3 owns it. If other students roll their die and total 9 they need to roll again.

I am really not good at explaining this but hopefully it makes sense. My students in summer school LOVED this game and it reinforced their addition facts to 12!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

May Books Groupon and A Giveaway!

I have been drooling over May Books since I started looking into the blog world.     Everyone has wonderful things to say about them and they are so appealing to the eye.

                                                Photo Credit: May Books

   Nautical knots, pineapples, chevron, oh my! If you are like me and really want one but don't want to pay a million dollars (aka twenty dollars) go to Groupon immediately. Like now. Hurry because the deal expires one day from today(August 4th). The deal is either one academic planner for fifteen dollars or two for twenty five. I can't wait to pick them out!

Also, Kathy at First Grade a la Carte is having a huge giveaway. Click on her button to link to her blog.

 I suggest you stop by her blog and enter to win her Bash Bundles. I spy a super cute Pete the Cat look a like. :) Hooray for Pete!

First Time Currently!

 Here is my first Currently Post! I do realize I cut off the "l" in listening. It has been such a learning curve to create, save, upload it that I had to put it up. :)

Lamniator-I love my laminators. It is true, I have a backup just in case.
Calming Music- There is always music playing in my classroom and home. I love classical, jazz, and ambient music. It so cute to hear the kid's interpretation of music. They will be working so hard and then just stop, look at me, and tell me what the music makes them feel.
Starbucks Coffee- I love Starbucks! I can't help it. I have a Keurig at home to make iced coffee but I just found out that a drive through Starbucks is being built on the road I have to take to school. It will be difficult for me to not turn in there everyday!

Don't forget, if you link uplook at the two blogs in front of your link and the one after you. Leave a comment too! :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pen Pals Sign Up

  I am elated to share with you a link to find pen pals for your class. It has always been a dream of mine.  The kiddos get to practice their writing and reading skills, learn about other students around the country, and enjoy receiving personalized letters. Opening up the mailbox to see a package or letter with your name on is exciting. Especially these days were most communication comes via email, phone, or text.

Well, if one of your classroom dreams is to have a pen pal class check out the Teacher Idea Factory.


Kelley made is super easy to sign up to be one of 135 (and growing) classes that would like to participate. She even has a Pen Pal Packet on her TPT. I recommend you visit her blog and sign up. Maybe we could end up being pen pals! :)

 Click on this button to link up to the pen pal sign up!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Newbie Blog Hop

 I found the perfect blog hop to join! It is the newbie blogger hop. This is perfect because I just started my blog a few weeks ago. I am amazed about the amount of growth experienced bloggers have had. It seems that most of them have gained so many members in just one year. This is my chance to start following other newbies and just maybe have a large following of my own! ;)

Grade Three is the Place for Me! started the hop, so kuddos to her for getting the train started. Stop by her blog and link up!

1. I am currently teaching in sunny Florida and I love it! I was born here and never want to leave! 
2. I am teaching first grade and it makes my heart so happy. I truly feel like it is the grade for me. 
3. My teaching experience is unique. I have one full year of teaching first grade and before that a half a year of permanent subbing in 2nd and 5th grade (I graduated in December). In college, I did five or six mini internships in multiple schools and grades. Senior year, I did a four month student teaching experience in first grade.  I am so thankful for variation of grades and schools I taught and interned in.
4. I just started blogging a few weeks ago. My technology skills are a little dry so I am working on that!
5. Blog tip- Have a fellow teacher/friend check out your blog to offer suggestions. The purpose of my blog is to inform parents, take part in the teacher blogging world, and find neat ideas. Having my teacher friend look over my blog keeps me on task. I could get side tracked by Pintrest pins, anything covered in glitter, or anything with Hello Kitty! 

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to link up! :)