Monday, August 27, 2012

Common Core/ Daily 5 Resources + Giveaway Appreciation

   If you couldn't tell by my mysterious absence from the blogging world these first few weeks of school have been beyond intense and exhausting. Anyone else falling asleep before the sun sets?? Well, the biggest changes around my district are Common Core and our new grading system Pinnacle. After much discussion and hunting my team has found a few great resources and I thought I should share! We all know teaching includes begging, borrowing, and "stealing" ideas and resources! I promise we really don't steal anything. We are teachers after all. :)

Resource #1
Daily 5 Share and Swap

   Over at TeachEm2Think, the school district of San Juan has put together a never ending list of links, posters, literacy resources, and more for those Daily 5/CAFE teachers to browse! They pretty much covered it all. You want some chimes for grabbing the kiddos attention? They have a link. You short on recommended readings to deepen your knowledge of Daily 5? They have that too! How about some "brain breaks" to shake out those wiggles? Yup, they have that!

Resource #2

This is the go-to website for literacy lessons directly linked to the Common Core! The webpage is easy to navigate and user friendly. There are multiple ways to search for the perfect book for you lessons. I like to select the topic or standard first. Then I look through the selection of suggested lessons and books. Can we say, "Hallelujah!"

Resource #3
Settle On In

If your district uses the McMillian Treasures series, you are in luck! This blog-like website follows the reading series through each weekly story. The best part is that there are links to games, videos, and the online features of the series just waiting at your finger tips. I use this every day with our district's Active Inspire flip charts. Mrs. Settle deserves a standing ovation for finding and organizing the myriad amount of resources! Bravo to you, Mrs. Settle!!

And I want to say a huge thanks to Lacie at Polka Dots & Pencils! Little did I know I had won a huge, and I mean HUGE, giveaway that was hosted over at her lovely blog! These past few weeks have been crazy busy and I didn't realize I won the giveaway until tonight ( the giveaway took place almost a whole month ago)! My next blog post will spotlight some of the awesome treasures I received in the giveaway.
Polka Dots and Pencils

Can I be honest, I was so excited when I found out won I called my bestie teacher friends immediately. There were over 7,000 entries and little ol' me won. This is the closest I will come to winning the lottery. :) Okay, I must go to bed now and get ready for another fast paced, fun filled day!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you won! Check your e-mail! I sent you some information about the Target giftcard you won, and you get to choose what theme you want my Classroom Library Set in!


  2. Thank you for the links and for visiting my blog! I am your newest follower!


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