Saturday, August 11, 2012

Team Teachers' Gifts + Small Group Management + More

   All teachers in my district report back this upcoming Monday. And I am pumped! I believe I have 19 students though the list might change since more kiddos could register. Part of me really, really, REALLY wants to make the name tags and label student books. The other part wants to wait. My Sharpie is waiting patiently, I am not.

 I am excited about the mini gift baskets I put together for my teammates. It was so much fun finding useful and fun "teacherish" items to give. Here they are!

   The low down on the mini baskets: Cute beverage cups are from HomeGoods and are eco-friendly. I put some sweet treats inside the cups, too. Look closely to see the adorable ham and cheese sandwich notepads from Staples. There are layers of sticky notes made to look like a sandwich, so funny! Next are the weekly to-do lists that are magnetic and are the perfect size to stick up on the whiteboards. Hidden in the back are some fun alphabet stickers. 

   Switching gears, I want to share some creative ideas on small group management and celebrating student success.  Last year I wore a huge, fuzzy viking hat to signify that I was working with my guided reading group. Unless it was an emergency the students not with my group needed to work at their centers. Well, the hat was pretty cool but did a number on my hair every day and sometimes I forgot to take it off and would talk to the class or other center groups with it on. That really defeated the purpose of the hat. :/

    So this year I am using a camping lantern. The premise is simple, if the light is on I am working with my group and unless it is an emergency students should again monitor their own needs at their center. If the lantern is off they are free to come get assistance or talk with me. And the best part, I don't have to wear it on my head! Or do I?? Just kidding! 

  The disco light will be used when our class celebrates an individual's or class success. I will hit the lights off, turn some kid-friendly music, and set the disco light spinning! Last year I learned that my kiddos loved to dance. It was adorable. They got into it and had the best moves. Plus there are two big benefits. They are shaking out the wiggles and the reward of dancing is free. No treasure box or sugared candies. 

The last thing I wanted to share is my teacher bag! She is a beauty! The pink is so fun and cheery. The inside is large enough to a few binders, lots of student work, and my school laptop if need be. 

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