Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Newbie Blog Hop

 I found the perfect blog hop to join! It is the newbie blogger hop. This is perfect because I just started my blog a few weeks ago. I am amazed about the amount of growth experienced bloggers have had. It seems that most of them have gained so many members in just one year. This is my chance to start following other newbies and just maybe have a large following of my own! ;)

Grade Three is the Place for Me! started the hop, so kuddos to her for getting the train started. Stop by her blog and link up!

1. I am currently teaching in sunny Florida and I love it! I was born here and never want to leave! 
2. I am teaching first grade and it makes my heart so happy. I truly feel like it is the grade for me. 
3. My teaching experience is unique. I have one full year of teaching first grade and before that a half a year of permanent subbing in 2nd and 5th grade (I graduated in December). In college, I did five or six mini internships in multiple schools and grades. Senior year, I did a four month student teaching experience in first grade.  I am so thankful for variation of grades and schools I taught and interned in.
4. I just started blogging a few weeks ago. My technology skills are a little dry so I am working on that!
5. Blog tip- Have a fellow teacher/friend check out your blog to offer suggestions. The purpose of my blog is to inform parents, take part in the teacher blogging world, and find neat ideas. Having my teacher friend look over my blog keeps me on task. I could get side tracked by Pintrest pins, anything covered in glitter, or anything with Hello Kitty! 

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to link up! :)

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  1. I'm a new to the blogging world as well! I've found the participating and linking up is a great way to see new ideas as well as find awesome people. Good luck to you!

    Lindsey @ Fabulously Fifth


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